Pipe-Flow video now available online

LACEY, WASHINGTON—July 29, 2009—Engineered Software, Inc., creator of the PIPE-FLO Professional design software has announced their first online video <http://www.admail.net/url/610432/16cad314/> now available free on their website for anyone interested in learning how to use the software. The video gives an overview of the main features of the PIPE-FLO Professional <http://www.admail.net/url/610433/16cad314/> program and walks viewers through the creation of a piping system in the PIPE-FLO program.

The online video is intended to make the Quickstart training material available to anyone on-demand, 24-hours a day. The video is also accessible to people who have streaming media blocks, because the video is an embedded Flash® video. Upon completion of the short video, (approximately 45 minutes), the viewer can take a quiz and qualify to earn a professional development credit towards maintaining their Professional Engineer status.

PIPE-FLO Professional is software used by designers and operators to create a model of fluid piping systems. The program allows users to visualize their systems in a familiar format, calculate system operations, easily communicate the design with others and access supporting documents in electronic format.

The video has sections and chapter navigation, allowing a viewer to pause and start or only view the portions they find particularly valuable such as drawing the system, selecting pumps, making hydraulic calculations, and optimizing the system.

"We have been considering providing online training videos for our software for quite some time now," said Ray Hardee, Chief Engineer <http://www.admail.net/url/610434/16cad314/> at Engineered Software, Inc. "This is our first foray, but we intend on having more industry specific videos in the coming months. Videos that show how an HVAC system might be designed, or how a ships’ ballast system would be modeled, or even how you could simulate the operation of a chilled water system in a nuclear power plant. We really want people to see that PIPE-FLO is versatile and limitless in size."

"We know it can be difficult for our international customers to attend our live webinars," said Christy Bermensolo, Vice President of Engineering <http://www.admail.net/url/610435/16cad314/> at Engineered Software, Inc. "We are truly excited to offer our introductory video on our website and include the PDH for those people who choose to watch the entire video. It is a good video for introducing the basic features of PIPE-FLO, I would recommend it to not only new customers but also the someone who doesn’t have the program but might want a quick tour of the program’s capabilities."

Quickstart Video Details
Video Title: PIPE-FLO Quickstart Tutorial
Cost: Free
Where: www.eng-software.com/video/quickstart/ <http://www.admail.net/url/610436/16cad314/>
Details: Worth 1 Professional Development Hour
Requirements: Latest Version of Adobe® Flash® Player