Plastic piping industry gains new online resource iStock/Thinkstock

Plastic piping industry gains new online resource

This article from American Infrastructure discusses a new online resource from the Hydrostatic Stress Board. HSB, an organization operating under the umbrella of the Plastic Pipe Institute, has had its website updated to reflect the history of the board, and expedite listing requests. 

A variety of new documents are available for download, including technical reports and submit requests for compounds and ingredients used in plastic pipe production.

According to Tony Radoszewski, president of PPI:

For nearly six decades, the HSB has contributed to the confidence level of plastic pipe and materials used in numerous applications including gas, municipal water, wastewater, sewer and industrial water systems.  The provision of extensive tools in this enhanced web section facilitates understanding about the program’s listing process and how to participate – a program providing a prominent level of qualification and affirmation about the uses of plastics in pipe systems.

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