The Polar Vortex BBC News graphic

The Polar Vortex

Contractors battle stupid-below-zero weather

No-heat calls and frozen pipes predominated. Contractors brought vehicles indoors or plugged in core heaters. Repairs of old equipment create opportunities for replacement sales in the months ahead. Sprinklers froze and burst at the University of Massachusetts and, in Nashville, residents unused to such cold weather reported hundred of frozen pipes. Temperatures below -10°F can cause sidewall air intakes to freeze over.

CHICAGO — Plumbing and heating contractors across the northern tier of the country had to contend with the Polar Vortex the week of January 6th as temperatures plunged well below zero at the beginning of the week, accompanied by enough snow to make driving hazardous. Malfunctioning heating equipment, frozen pipes and panicking homeowners were the most common problems.

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