Water conservation can have unintended consequences

Legionella accounts for 50% of the outbreaks of waterborne diseases and 93% of the deaths. Publicity has caused people to think they have a contaminant in their drinking water even though Chrome 6 may be formed naturally in plumbing systems. Water conservation measures in efficient buildings means that water stays in the pipes longer in generally warmer environments. Chlorine dioxide is an effective disinfectant but it is extremely corrosive and destroys PEX, HDPE and stainless steel.

WASHINGTON — Water and energy conservation can have some unintended consequences, a Virginia Tech professor told leaders of the plumbing industry at the Plumbing Industry Leadership Coalition meeting here in late April. Marc Edwards, informally known as the “plumbing professor,” has spoken before industry meetings before, which earned him the invitation to the PILC meeting.

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