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Part of the fab shop at MacDonald-Miller.
The Buildertrend entrance. Photo: Buildertrend
Buildertrend Entrance


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What Ants Teach Us About Mitigating Project Risks

Feb. 10, 2021
How can you mitigate risk and equip your teams to make good choices?
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Crew Hierarchy and Management

Dec. 11, 2020
Time spent evaluating and managing your human resources is critical to your bottom line.
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July 10, 2020
Standing still in such times as these will get you run over if not by your competition, then by history itself.
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Billd Announces Partnership With Procore

June 2, 2020
Payment solution integration with project management software will make material purchasing easier, more accessible.
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CONTRACTOR's Under Thirty All-Stars

June 18, 2019
Meet three young people under 30 who are forging careers in the plumbing trade.
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ABC’s Construction Backlog Indicator Rebounds in February

April 25, 2019
This year, numbers were were affected by the federal government shutdown.


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eBook: Building Your Plumbing Business Brand

Nov. 10, 2023
The articles collected here will give you guidance on how to build your brand into something respected, depended on, and instantly recognized.
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The future of green building ratings

Oct. 16, 2017
Contractors remain dedicated to saving water and addressing looming water scarcities, but rating systems? Not so much. When can we expect to see major contractor organizations...
MacDonald-Miller Facilities Solutions
This MacDonald-Miller technician is taking a vibration analysis on a chilled water pump to pick up motor or pump problems before a catastrophic system failure.

Making buildings work better

Oct. 13, 2017
Seattle design-build contractor develops a new approach to financing energy-efficiency projects.
A section of a mechanical room at North Ridgeville intermediate school near Cleveland.

Back to School

Sept. 9, 2017
A new trend in school construction sees buildings divided into separate “schools,” functioning independent of each other, including the mechanical rooms.
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Integrated Project Delivery allows contractors and their teams to join forces

May 8, 2015
The IPD team is using a digital review process, rather than a traditional review process, to improve communication. With digital review, project managers can see the comments...