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Sooke School District

Two New Schools Utilize Geo-Boosted District Heating to Attain LEED Gold

July 22, 2024
Pre-Insulated PEXa pipe meets the need for outstanding energy efficiency and fast installation.


eBook: Nelson Mechanical Stories - Volume 1

July 14, 2024
Here is a sample of some of the amazing hydronic jobs Nelson Mechanical Design has performed.

Monthly Plumbing Quiz: Pipes, Valves and Fittings

July 1, 2024
Is there anything more foundational to the plumbing trade than sending water through pipes just the way you want it to go? How much do you know about pipes, valves and fittings...
Nelson Mechanical Design

Chilled Water Rescue – No More Dead Compressors

July 17, 2024
The homeowner was tired of paying for repairs and was ready to make the necessary changes to get a reliable and effective cooling system.
Skills USA

2024 SkillsUSA Plumbing Championship Winners Announced

July 16, 2024
The PHCC Educational Foundation and PHCC Academy® partner with SkillsUSA to sponsor and conduct the annual plumbing contest and provide support for the HVACR Contest.
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Prices of Construction Materials Fall 0.3% in June

July 12, 2024
Overall construction input prices are 1.1% higher than a year ago, while nonresidential construction input prices are 0.7% higher.