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AHR Expo

AHR Expo Returns to Chicago

Feb. 22, 2024
Attendance was strong with the big show welcoming 48,034 attendees interacting with 1,875 exhibitors.


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Monthly Plumbing Quiz: Mini-Splits

Feb. 1, 2024
They heat and cool, they’re highly efficient, easy to install, work well in cold-weather climates – how much do you know about mini-splits? Take our quiz and find out!

eBook: Building Your Plumbing Business Brand

Nov. 10, 2023
The articles collected here will give you guidance on how to build your brand into something respected, depended on, and instantly recognized.
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White House Announces $5.8B Investment in Water Infrastructure

Feb. 21, 2024
Almost half of this funding will be available as grants or principal forgiveness loans, ensuring funds reach underserved communities most in need of investments in water infrastructure...
Impact Housing

Modular Construction Combats the Affordable Housing Crisis

Feb. 20, 2024
Impact Housing uses design expertise—including in-wall carrier systems from Geberit—to deliver thousands of new living units.

Replacement Circulator Selection for Peak Performance

Feb. 19, 2024
The real secret? Pay attention to the performance curve to keep your hydronic system running smoothly.